Fashion trends are influences that are made with respect to the cinemas, celebrities, the natural climate of a place, as well as the political, social, cultural background of a place. Often it is seen that you are in love with a particular type of attire, but you cannot wear that because it goes against the social background of the place. So what can be done in such a situation? Designers use their experience & knowledge to prepare such latest outfit for you that will be both trendy, as well be easy to go with without worrying about the society & reviews. So, check out, how the trends depend upon the influences.


Political culture plays a very important role in minding the fashionable dress code. When fashion and politics is combined together, you must put on dress that will suit your political position as will hold its aesthetic value. Political revolution brings with it a much impact on the fashion trend.  Political background has favoured the use of suits, blazers, skirts. It can be said that if you belong to politics, you must put the attire that suits your respectful position.

Technologyfavours the fashion in a great manner. Developments of latest technologies have brought with it machines that can easily print the clothes with the fabric. In the earlier days, it was a tiresome job to print the design on the clothes, because no expert machinerywas used. The fashion industry has also succeeded in the introduction of the 3D printing technology. Moreover, technology has helped in adding a new look to the promotions of the outfits and hence launching them not only in the shops but also in the online shopping sites which is rocking the present generation.

Social influences play a major role as well. We hail from different parts of the world. The Western world is too light in the consideration of the strict code of conduct especially in the women’s outfit, but the situation is not the same in many other orthodox societies. For this, there can the need of ethnic wear as well suiting to the social and cultural background of the society. Even today we see, that in any social party or religious festival, Indian women choose too go with saris, lehangas.


This is an important aspect. Shopping is the activity of choosing a particular item from a retailer based on the choice of the person. There are a lot of options that are presented to us among which we got to choose the one that will perfectly satisfy us. In the modern day, a hiking online shopping is being experienced. This gives us a variety of products with reasonably small rates yet very attractive to look at. Customers favour such items. But, still today there are people who prefer to purchase their clothes from the nearby market, thee shopping malls or emporium because they consider it to be the most trusted one.

The shopping hubs play a major role in continuing business with the fashionable articles. Everyone favours latest fashion. So the fashion that is exhibited by the runway models is brought to the hands of the common people by the only channel that is the shops and the advertisements. Researchers have estimated that the fashion industry will be boosting as the days pass by with the advancement of technology and to suit the pleasure of the common people.

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