“Fashion” is love to many. Many of us really love to see that perfect outfitfor our favorite models. The way they walk, the branded objects they carry to suit their looks. So, let us have an overview of the developments that were brought in years and years to grow the need for the current fashion.


Fashion is any kind of popularstyle that can be based on the clothing, lifestyle products, makeup, the hairstyle or anything that you make to go with your body. It is different on the basis of the choice of the person and is changing randomly on the basis of the new creations by the designers. Clothing fashions are one of the most demanded ones.

In the earlier days, we used to see that people were so simple that they were dressed only in particular attire. The Indian feminine societypreferred sari, Japanese preferred kimono, the Western nations followed wearing gowns. But with time, changes in the costume came by. The biggest advancement in the change of fashion came with the drastic change in the male attire which brought a tightened clothing material rather than the same loose type.


With the modernization of the different parts of the world, there comes a wide range of choices. People with high status in the society prefer to go with wearing new clothes that are a very fashion trendy one. The variations in the dress and color code are brought with respect to the age, the social class in the society, occupation or rather the climate of a place. A person who constantly goes in venturing a new fashion is termed as a fashionista.

THE Asians are making a great progress in the fashion world these days. They have also proved by their efforts in the introduction of the latest outfit that they are no more left behind. With the introduction of the sewing machine in the various parts of the world, the fashion industry brought many changes. Once the people saw such eye-catching dresses, they took to demanding the same in the market. A mass production of such products and their availability made the customers very happy. The fashion industry basically runs on 4 levels-

  1. The raw material that is needed in the manufacture of the dresses is of the basic importance.
  2. The fashion articles are manufactured by the designers, the contractors, the tailors and all the other hierarchical levels.
  3. There are sales based on the retail price.
  4. Large campaigns are undertaken to advertise the product and then launch them in the market.

The ultimate goal of the fashion industry is to exhibit the popular new fashion trendy dress and launch them in the market after promotion. When people see their favorite models wearing particular attire, they start gathering interest and applying for the production of such clothing. In this way, with the increase in the production, the profits earned are also gradually increased. So, never stop taking an interest, there is always a new one.

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