Everyone knows that the worst part of the party is a disaster that remains the next morning; like empty beer cans, spilled drinks, and who knows what stain is on the carpet? Let’s calmly talk about the possibility of adding something else for cleaning. These tables are very easy to clean and fold very well for storage. The table also has a nice pen, so you can easily transport it and its light (about 21 pounds). Okay, it’s time for a quick script, you wake up with a twisted turn and find strength to get up from anywhere, damn it, you landed to fall asleep. Now, to quickly clean, clean the pong cups, quickly wipe the table with a damp cloth, a simple fold, and then place it under the sofa. Now you can see what is at breakfast!

Wooden table? Of course!

You can build a wooden beer table if you like heavy and bulky ones. Another characteristic of wood is that it folds easily when wet. It happens that beer is (usually) wet. With all the hills and valleys you get from playing some games, you are more likely to play table golf than table beers. If you want to save the table when you’re done, it’s time to deconstruct (try slipping under the sofa). The worst part of the custom-made table is the annoying “sliding bowl”. Hit the edge of the cup with the ball, and the cup is hydroplaned across the table, very little refreshing. The playing surface of the portable beer pong table is very durable with a thick layer of high quality vinyl. As I said, it is easy to clean. This surface usually has an integrated vessel support system. Therefore, no matter if you play six or ten cups, you always get the perfect shelf every time. The shelf area on the table usually has a non-slip surface, so that when the ball touches the edge of the cup, it does not move.

The playing surface costs money

On a professionally prepared beer pong table, you have a nice vinyl canvas. Some even come with an anti-slip area where you store the cups when you order from beerpongtables.co.uk. It is so that the cup does not slide when the ball bounces around the edge. The shelf area is marked for the perfect shelf each time, either by playing six or ten cups. In addition, the table includes a warranty; Then, if it breaks, you are covered.

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