What should fashion mean to people? Fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear and being able to carry off what you wear with elegance and grace. Fashion is also about following the new and all the latest trends in the market and also being cautious of what you are wearing and whether it is suiting you and your personality or not. But, many people these days have a totally wrong approach to fashion. They assume that fashion is just about following the trends and wearing the new and all the latest collection that is available in the market. They do not care about whether the outfit that they choose to put on is suiting them or not. All that they are bothered about is whether the outfit is on the trending list or not. This is where the fashion and wardrobe malfunctions began. Here are few of the tips and tricks to be a good fashion icon as such:

  1. Be comfortable in what you wear:
    Whatever outfit you choose to put on, even if it is not one of those that are trending these days, you should be clear enough to feel extremely comfortable in whatever you put on. There is where all the fashion starts. Only if you are comfortable, the look of the confidence will come on to your face and you will appear as the stronger person.
  2. Carry it off with beauty:
    Though you are wearing your grandmother’s gifted clothes, accessorize the outfit in the right way and make it appear classy. Carry whatever you wear with extreme grace and elegance. You must also note the point that each outfit has a different mannerism attached to it and it is all about how well you practice those particular mannerisms.
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I, Christina always have an itchy mind for fashion and curious about colors all the time. I’m the fashion consult for my family, friends, friend of friends, very distant friend, and colleague of my friend’s sister etc. I think I’m franchise to start my blog about fashion and I’m pretty sure that my ideas reach corners of the world. Hope you get a good time in on my blogs.