you can enjoy smoking your THC or your CBD fix in a lot of ways, either by rolling your own joint, use some Thai sticks, grab some edibles, wax, oil as the list goes on and on but there are lot of innovative ways to enjoy smoking that herb that it creates a new approach of using it, and this is the use of bong which is the go-to choice for a lot of marijuana users around the world.

But when it comes to bongs, it also comes with a lot of varieties and types that makes it different from one another including its material used in making one. In this article let us talk about the different materials used in making bongs and how each is different from one another.

But before we head to the entire article, in case you do not know what a bong is, it is a device that is used in smoking a cannabis or a tobacco. It looks like a laboratory tool because of its circular tube that comes with a circular carburation port located at the front of its bowl which serves as your filtration device that is mainly used for smoking cannabis or marijuana and other herbal substances where the smoke or the gas flow from the lower port to the upper port which is already filtrated by the water.

Bongs are very popular among stoners and cannabis enthusiasts because of its function and construction which is very similar to its predecessor, the hooka, except for its size which is very portable. Bongs can come in different sizes and shapes and are also in different ways constructed by its makers but what makes it very useful for stoners is that it is very light and very efficient in producing the smoke of their favorite green herb especially the glass bong.

The word “bong” is derived from the Thai word “baung” which was first recorded in the dictionary in 1944. The first bong that was documented was made up of bamboo pipe that is used to smoke the “Kancha” tree or the hemp-plant endemic in Southeast Asia and Africa.


Glass- The number one choice for bong makers because it gives us a clean, pure taste of the smoke from our weed and the glass also does not affect the flavor of your weed, and it is also very easy to tell if the water filtration inside needs to be replaced already. Glass bongs are always transparently built making it easy to tell if there are already tar and resin buildup inside.

Plastic- This is the second choice among bong makers because of its durability, regardless of how many times you drop it on the floor compared to glass bongs. Plastic bongs are also cheaper than other materials in making bongs. It is ideal for stoners who love to travel because of its portability, but plastic bongs slightly affect the taste of your weed according to cannabis experts.

Ceramic- This is the heavier material used in making bong but is more robust compared to the two above. This is also the more expensive type of bong because of its material, but your money is worth it because its makers always come up with different shapes, sizes, and designs making it more fun to use. Ceramic bongs are ideal for celebrations and special occasions and you can proudly display it in your house.

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