So you want to be new fashionista among your friends. So I have brought to you the latest fashion of this year which will suit your expectations. We all love to try out something new. We must look so attractive and different, that people will be amazed to look at us. Often girls are mad for trying out such outfits that are never tried by some other girl. Are you one of those girls?


This year has brought with it a chain of fashionable dresses. Some of them are super easy to afford.

  • Sequins

This will be a great one to go with this summer. The surface of the dress is glittery. This dress has been much liked by the spectators. You need to go with a sweatshirt which will make you look better especially in the daytime.

  • Pastels

This is a unique type to hit this summer. These are beautifully coloredoutfit especially in the shades of lilac, blue, lemon yellow.

  • Checks

This is supposed to be one of the most suitable one already demanded in many parts of the world. If you desire to suit the feminine floaty look, you must try out with this outfit.

  • Plastic

Sounds different? Yes, it is. This a new year present. Waterproof in nature, this will chase the eyes of many when you dip into the water. These are available in a variety of colors, so just do not be late.

  • Fringing

It’s a surprise and unexpected one this year. This is so elegant to look at, that it can be considered as one of the most suitable festive attire. It is made with great sophistication.

  • Nudes

I know this is one of your favoritechoices. Though the availability of the clothing in the Nude shade was launched in a great way last year, only a few public could make an easy access to them. So, it has come out more popularly this year at amazingly affordable rates.

  • Sheer

These are the transparent dress which is designed in the form of coats, dresses,and skirts. This is supposed to be one of the most successful attire this year.

Traditional shopping hubs like the bazaar, stalls are the most easily accessible method of getting the product into our hands. These days the stores are divided into individual stalls that deal with selling goods of a particular type at a time. The home mail delivery shopping is rising these days because it brings a variety of products that are similar to look at yet distinguishable. With the advancement of technology, electronic commerce and shopping will mind more significance.

I, Christina always have an itchy mind for fashion and curious about colors all the time. I’m the fashion consult for my family, friends, friend of friends, very distant friend, and colleague of my friend’s sister etc. I think I’m franchise to start my blog about fashion and I’m pretty sure that my ideas reach corners of the world. Hope you get a good time in on my blogs.