It is boring how we invest in a huge palette of shades and end up using a few shades each time we do makeup, leaving the rest untouched. You might end up disposing of the remaining shades untouched since you prefer only two or three shades. Most people think there is no option forgetting that they pay for the entire product yet use very little of its contents. What should we do then?  There is a solution to this problem because YSL has an eyeshadow palette so that you  create fall look with YSL eyeshadow palette online and bring out the beauty in you. The eyeshadow palette does not cost you much yet you use every shade of eyeshadow since there are only specific shades to match your taste and skin color. YSL takes pride in presenting to you various kinds of eyeshadow palettes with intense color, crease-proof and in various shades such as matte and satin. If you have a problem blending your eyeshadow with make-up don’t worry. We give you a few insights on eyeshadow. Stick here for a while for the tips and you will never go wrong on eyeshadow application.

create fall look with YSL eyeshadow palette online

 Tips To Know Before You Buy the Eyeshadow Palette

First know the type that suits you well because, eyeshadow comes in various types such as powders, creams, crayons- some people call them ‘eyeshadow pencils’ it is still okay. We also have some eyeshadow as gels. Among all these kinds, you could identify the one that best fit your needs. The creamy kind is best when used as a base color especially when the user is interested in a single color. Gels are best when used as liners together with angle brushes to draw lines. If you went to school and used the crayons then a crayon eyeshadow would be the easiest for you to use.  The same way you used them in school for coloring, that’s the same way you use them to color a larger area of your eyelids.  The compressed powder is what most of us are familiar with and it’s the best type to build the color, blend colors and create more advanced shades.

The other thing you must know is the color of your eyes so that you buy the color that matches with your skin. Certain shades blend well with certain colors of the eye. For instance blue and brown eyes go well with bronze and gold eyeshadow. If you have these types of eyes, then you have a reason to create fall look with YSL eyeshadow palette online. The shape of your eyes also matters a lot when it comes to eyeshadow applications. Find out the shape of your eyes before using the eyeshadow. Consider using a number of brushes when blending the colors of your eyeshadow.  Finally, apply your eyeshadow first before doing face makeup so that, when some eyeshadow falls on your face, you could wipe it easily without destroying your foundation.

Some of the best eyeshadow palettes you will find here include Couture Pallet fallout, available in matte and satin color shades, the black opium sound illusion, and the wild tuxedo. All these products will do for you one good thing which is; create fall look with YSL eyeshadow palette online. Take a look at these YSL eyeshadow products if you are looking for something case proof and that which you will wear all day without fading.

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