The French Press coffee maker by Cafe Du Chateau is a combination of elegance and practicality. With its smooth and minimalist design, this coffee maker lets you brew like a pro. The easy-to-follow user manual combined with the efficient design has made Cafe Du Chateau’s coffee maker a top seller. It’s the perfect gift for mothers and coffee lovers who prefer taking a good morning brew at the comfort of their homes.

4-Level Filtration Unit

This FrenchPress uses two stainless steel screen filters. The filters sit on a strong plunger held in place by a strong spring with a laden base plate and sealed edges. The top section has a well-designed lid strainer for sieving all the grounds to maximize brew purity. Designed to perfection, this user-friendly and performance-oriented coffee maker adds convenience to the tea, coffee, and espresso brewing exercise.

Uses Premium Quality Materials

Cafe Du Chateau’s coffee maker doesn’t use alternative materials. It’s created using the finest quality materials in the market. The metal pieces used are all 304-grade stainless steel which gives the press a robust and rust-resistant luster. As for the carafe, it is constructed from thick borosilicate glass that’s resilient enough to withstand the high temperatures of boiling water. This coffee press can be easily stored on backpacks and travel bags thanks to its small and portable design.


It Is BPA Free

Besides all the materials used in the construction of the Cafe Du Chateau coffee press being of high-quality, they also surpass the set food/drink grade quality requirements. In short, all the materials used are lab certified. The stainless steel used has 304 food grade ratings, the plastic lid strainer BPA free ratings while the glass pot has borosilicate thermal resistant qualities. To add to the amazing features, this coffee French Press maker has a uniquely designed European design beaker casing that is quite beautiful.

Simple and Informative Instructions

Even if it’s your first time to use a coffee press, Cafe Du Chateau won’t disappoint. It comes with detailed and simple instructions to make your brew experience awesome.  Our brewer manual is customized to reduce your struggle and make the exercise shorter and more captivating. You are sure to brew the best-tasting tea or coffee even if you have never used a coffee press before.

Lifelong Replacement Guarantee

We trust in the durability and strength of our coffee presses. We integrate the use of durable materials with our high level of craftsmanship to create the perfect coffee press that would serve you for years. All our coffee presses come with a lifelong replacement guarantee so in case any of the accessories or features of your press develops issues, we will replace it free of charge.

Easy to use and well-designed coffee presses that can efficiently make wonderful cold brew coffee or teas aren’t easy to find. Most of the coffee presses on the market today require some prior experience. As with Cafe Du Chateau French Press, it does not require you to have any prior experience or skills using a coffee press. As long as you read and understand the user manual, you will be surprised at how great your brewing experience will be.

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